Kumar Vishwas, Targets Priyanka Rahul, One blood boils in June and second in July


New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Kumar Vishwas has targeted Priyanka Gandhi. He said that the blood of the seasonal leaders boils at the time of profit-loss for themselves. Earlier on the incident of the people being killed over cow incidents, Priyanka Gandhi had said that after watching the incidents of lynching, she said her blood bleeds. Expressing concern over the growing incidents of crowd of people beaten to death over the past few months. Kumar Vishwas said that democracy after so many years of independence has again divided on the basis of the group, race, likes and dislikes of religion Eating People Being murdered is a matter of concern.

Kumar Vishwas asked why Priyanka Gandhi's blood did not rise to the 1984 Sikh riots. He said that the blood of her and her family should have been burning since then. Kumar said that when the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that the first right on the country's natural resources belongs to the minorities, then why did not he kill his blood? Because that was a strange statement because. He said that all the citizens of India have an equal right on the resources of the country.

Kumar Vishwas also targeted Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. He said that both the brothers and sisters have different time intervals. One blood boils in June and the other blood boils in July. He said the politics which the congress is making in the name of Rahul and Priyanka has brought to a position from where it will also not come in the opposition.

Kumar Vishwas also targeted PM Narendra Modi. He said it is funny and sad thing that the Prime minister is moving around the world and garlanding the Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, whereas in his own country he is unable to control Lynching of people. In recent days, many people have been beaten or severely beaten by a crowd of suspects in Beef's suspicion.

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