Talaq-e-biddat is a deviation from the right path, reread on Friday prayers: SC


New Delhi, Supreme Court: The Supreme Court slammed the practice of triple talaq and was astonished that how could the Muslim several communities claim it as legitimate as they themselves admit is sinful and worst form of divorce.

Chief Justice J S Khehar who is heading the five bench judge challenged the constitutional validity of the triple talaq. He said “someone gave us this book.. It says Talaq-e-biddat is a deviation from the right path. Apart from this is read and red during the Friday afternoon prayers. Hence on every prayer, you say triple talaq is bad, sinful”.

Triple Talaq is not mentioned in Quran

The Chief Justice of India Jagdish Singh Khehar also presented a copy of the Quran and said the advocate that triple talaq was nowhere mentioned in the book. There are many different ideological thoughts that say that triple talaq is legal, but it is the worst and not desirable form for dissolution of marriages among Muslims.

Recently the All India Muslim Personal law Board (AIMPLB) passed a resolution that instant triple talaq is wrong, but still a valid way to end a marriage. The Supreme Court had said then how such a sinful practice can be taken as ordained by god to become a law.

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