Viral Video: Super Brave kid chase away dogs at night when alone on road

image source facebook video grab

New Delhi: A video is beng viral on social media. As can be seen in the video the kids are going on the road, when suddenly they are being attacked by some stray dogs.

It can be seen in the video when these kids are attacked and surrounded by the stray dogs, one of the children, a girl just runs away, later to be known she runs to bring someone for help.


The child gets alone there. The video clearly shows that the child is also nervous. Two dogs come in front of him and start barking loudly. He takes a step back. Once he tries to escape from there too. Only then comes a dog from behind and tries to attack him. The child gets courage after being trapped in all the difficulties. He is standing there and can be seen later trying to chase away the dogs. This incident has been captured in CCTV.

The Comments can be seen in the facebook that how people are complementing the boy for showing his bravery and on the other hand the people on the social media are also complementing the girl as well for showing her mind and running away and bringing some one for help.   

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