Watch: NDTV anchor Nidhi Razdan kicks out Sambit Patra on live tv


New Delhi: Sambit Patra got into a embarrassing moment when a TV anchor from NDTV asked him directly to move out of the show. Nidhi Razdan a prominent anchor of NDTV in a show asked Sambit Patra the BJP spokesperson either apologize or leave the show which was aired on thrusday.

Nidhi Razdan simply ordered Sambit Patra to apologise or leave the show instantly when patra accused Nidhi’s channel of having an agenda against him and his party (BJP).

Sambi Patra said that the channel and its anchor are biased against him and his party.

Sambit Patra later  said that “he interrupt people on NDTV only because NDTV channel has an agenda, and so I need to do that,”.

on this, an aggressive Nidhi Razdan told Sambit, “Just because you are asked a question, it does not mean that there is an agenda.”

Nidhi asked the BJP spokesperson Sambit to apologise for his accusation. You are free to leave the show in case he won’t apologise, she said to Sambit.

Sambit Patra refused to leave the show until the TV focus was moved away from him on the channel.

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