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Gauri Lankesh Killer Identified as Akbar or  Ali

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Gauri Lankesh's killer has been nabbed. His name is AKBAR ALI.

The killer of Gauri Lankesh has been caught and his name is Akbar Ali

Yes, now, intellectuals and designer journalists will now apologize to the Sangh or Hindu community?

गौरी लंकेश का हत्यारा पकड़ा गया और उसका नाम है अकबर अली 
हाँ तो अब क्या बुद्धिजीवी और डिज़ाइनर पत्रकार अब संघ से माफ़ी माँगेंगे..?

Ayupp Analysis, Bengaluru :  On 3rd Oct, the Governmet of Karnataka confirmed that Killers of Gauri Lankesh were identified but evidence was collected so that guilt can be proven. Even the top media houses published this news at that time.

Ramalinga Reddy, Home Minister spoke to NDTV  and informed that "We know who it is". But he declined to elaborate, explaining that disclosing more information could endanger the case.

On 14th Oct, sketches of suspects was released by police, still there was no confirmation on the name of the suspect.

On 17th Oct, NDTV had even publised the pics of suspect, still no information about name.

Gouri Lankesh was a journalist & used to run a tabloid called Gouri Lankesh Patrike. She was murdered in front of her house in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar Bangalore. Check the below video -

Hence in absece of any proof we have termed this news as fake and being posted only on social networking sites.                

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