Did 48000 in India get paralyzed by taking Bill Gates Polio vaccine - Fact Check


48000 Paralyzed India taking Bill Gates Polio vaccine

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48,000 Children in India Paralyzed by Bill Gates' Polio Vaccine. He's being sued by India! Bill Gates, a Jew, said that he wants to reduce the world's population by 15%.

En Inde, 48.000 enfants paralysés par le vaccin contre la polio proposé par l'association de Bill Gates qui reconnaît les faits


Ayupp Analysis – Bill Gates has been a great ambassador of peace and prosperity for entire world. The windows geek has already gifted windows operating system to entire world. The news regarding 48000 deaths due to polio vaccine given by Bill Gates is fake. It is only published in fake news websites and nowhere.

The real news is that Polio has been completely eradicated from India. There has been no cases of Polio from last one year (this was published in Forbes in Jan 2012). Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation had spent more than $1 billion to eradicate polio from India.

Also, read the article published in Telegraph - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/10632759/Ending-polio-in-India-is-worlds-greatest-health-achievement-says-Bill-Gates.html

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