Anti gravity area found near tulsishyam amreli – Optical Illusion


Anti gravity area found near tulsishyam amreli Optical Illusion

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Usually gravity ki vajah se koi bhi chiz niche ki aur aati hai lekin Gujarat ke tulsishyam me yah jagah esi hai jaha pe gravity ulti lagti hai. Aap video me dekh skate hai ki car hill pe upar ki aur apne aap Chad rahi hai. Us point pe pani bhi niche ki aur Jane ke bajae upar jata hai. Jis dishame ulti gravity lag rahi hai usi taraf tulsishyam ka mandir hai ise kudrat ka karishma kaho ya science kintu jagah hai kamalki. Ek bar is jagah par real experience karke uska adbhut anubhav hoga. Sachme kuchh din to gujaro Gujarat me. 
Visavadar dhari se tulsishyam jate hue tulsishyam mandL
r ke pas me mandir se pahele 100mtr par yah point last hill par aata hai.

Ayupp Analysis –This is fake news. If you look at the above video then you would not find any issue with it. It clearly looks like vehicle is going upwards towards Tulsi Shyam temple. In reality this is known as optical illusion. There are many places on earth where due to geographical location of earth, slope looks like going vertically above.

See the below videos for better understanding of the issue. Also read the comments on these videos. It will help reader to understand this issue.

See the below analysis done by India TV for Tulsi Shyam temple - 

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