Dog meat in Chicken momos Near Delhi Cant area – Fact Check


Dog meat in chicken momos, shops shuts in Delhi cantt area

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Dog meat in momos in Delhi

Chicken momos in Delhi carry dog meat. All meat eaters, yes all fail the blind tasting. Eat what you know.
Dog meat in momos leads to shutting of eateries in Delhi's cant area.

Dog meat in chicken momos is being sold in delhi’s market. This was disclosed during the investigation of food quality...

Ayupp Analysis – It really disgusting to hear such news. Dog meat present in Chicken momos. Yes, that correct news. There are almost 50 vendors selling momos in Cantt area and residents of this area had complained Delhi Cantonment Board regarding this. Priyanka Chaudhary, the Vice President of Cantonment board has informed that this is true news. They have ordered enquiry in this matter. They are asked to take action against the street vendors and they will be immediately removed from selling in this region. The biggest issue could be that the dog might be having rabbies which will be directly transferred to humans.

Gopichand Bajar in Delhi cant is main culprit. Most of the vendors belong to this region. As per the report published by ABP news, the government official raided all the vendors from this area and took the sample of chicken momos.  After the lab reports, it was confirmed that dog meat was present in the momos. This was confirmed by Priyanka Choudhary itself.

See the below video shared by ABP news –

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