Judi malware infects 36.5 M Android phones worldwide Google Play – Real

Judi Malware infects almost 36.5 Million Android users

Judi malware infects 36.5 M Android phones worldwide Google Play

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The malware named judy, has reached 36.5 million Android users, making it potentially the most widely-spread malware yet found on Google Play. The malicious apps primarily included a series of casual cooking and fashion games under the “Judy” brand. Its malware payload was downloaded from a non-Google server after the programs were installed. The code would then use the infected phone to click on Google ads, generating revenue for the attacker.

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Ayupp Analysis – The havoc created by ransomware virus is not over yet and another malware is making rounds on the internet. It is known as JUDY Malware. As per claims made by several websites, this malware has already infected almost 36.5 Million android users. Instead of generating revenues for google, after this malare becomes active, it will generate revenue for attacker.

It is being claimed that since April 2016, Judy malware was present in Google play store. Almost 41 apps being approved by google playstore were running this malware. As of now these have been detected by google and removed from play store. This malware is known as Judy because it was in play store with this name. It also had games with name Judi with hidden malware.

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