Sara Ali Khan twitter account, SaraKhanWorld looks fake?


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Sara Ali Khan, daughter of Saif Ali Khan just created a twitter handle some days back, the tweets mostly contains political. The question is the account real as the account was just created on June 22 and the post has been done mainly political and controversial.

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Samples from the twitter handle account


Ayupp Analysis –The twitter account of Sara Ali Khan raises many doubtful questions

  1. Sara Ali Khan is daughter of famous actor Saif Ali khan and just after creating a twitter handle on June 22, the tweet’s only involve political stuff and highly controversial, that too against a political party ?
  2. The account has 4621 followers and there are 25 tweets from the handle.
  3. The latest of the controversial tweet is that of Sonia Gandhi and Meira Kumar. She tweets Soniya Maino after marrying Rajiv Gandhi became Soniya "GANDHI" but #MeiraKumar who married a BRAHMIN remains DALIT?
  4. The link given in the twitter handle is also fake, if you try to open the link it will lead you to a page not constructed  yet.

Seeing all this there is a question coming is this twitter handle real or fake. We are still trying to verify the correctness, but still not verified.


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