Video Malaysian Airlines flight crashing into the sea is fake


A message circulating on whatsapp and facebook for Malaysian airlines crash.

 eRumor made by – Internet and social media

Confirmation by – FAKE

More Sample – 

Urgent attention: someone is spreading a video clip on a MAS (Malaysian Airlines) flight crashing into the sea. Please do not open it. Immediately delete it as it contains a virus. Especially those mobile phones who have mobile banking. Please forward this msg to others. It’s in the news also. Forward as received. Forwarded as received.

Ayupp Analysis – The above messages is being circulated on Social media regarding the crashing of the Malaysian airline is a spam message. The video is absolutely safe to play. However you should avoid any unwanted link. Click only those links which you really want or you are sure of the outcome.

Many times unwanted application, cookies get installed in your computer or mobile if you simply click any wanted link or video link.

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Fake not of Rs 500 if wire passes near Mahatma Gandhi Image is Spam

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