Can doctor get message from the patient stomach?


The US regulator has approved a tablet with a digital tracking device, with the help of which the doctor will be able to monitor whether the patient is taking medicines over time or not.
According to the American Food and Drug Administration, this table called Abilify Maise has been specially designed for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depressed patients.

After the patient has swallowed the pellet, this tablet will be activated and will be sending messages related to the drug after exposure to the stomach enzyme. The tablet will send this message to a patch, from which it will go to the mobile phone.

The patient's doctor, family and relatives will get the full details of this through a web portal. This will make it easier for everyone to monitor the patient.

The FDA says it can prove to be better in relation to giving medicines to patients suffering from Brain Disease.
 Its sensor is made from grains. Its size is equal to sand particle. As soon as it comes in contact with the liquid, the sensor becomes activated. After work, the residue of the sensor comes out of the human body. The special thing about this sensor is that it records the date and time. Along with this, this person's activity also notes.

If the patient allows, the information related to his mood through the MyCite App can also be recorded. Experts say that the right use of this drug can be of great benefit.


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