Frooti-Pepsi contaminated with HIV AIDS Viral message in India: Fact Check


Important msg from Delhi police to all over India:For the next few weeks do not drink any product of Frooti

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NOTE: Important msg from Delhi police to all over India:For the next few weeks do not drink any product of Frooti, as a worker from the company has added his blood contaminated with HIV (AIDS). It ws shown yesterday on NDTV... Pls forward this msg urgently to people you care... Take Care!!

Ayupp Analysis – This is a fake message circulating widely in the social mediasince 2011. It created a panic in the Manufactures themselves and they issued anotice for this.Indeed there was a statement from Frooti In march, 2013

For over 28 years, we've spread nothing but the magic of fresh 'n' juicy mangoes. There's no reason for you to believe otherwise.
So go ahead, open a Frooti now

Fact 2: There is no way at the present system that a person who consume a cold drink such as Pepsi or Frooti will be affected with AIDs.

 At present there is not a single incident of HIV AIDS, being spread by food beverages.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have not received a single case of HIV infection with blood or semen, neither it has received any complaints or report on HIV infection with food items.

Details on HIV:

The diesese does not live outside the body. If a small amout of the Virus is exposed to the air it will die immediately. Hence there is no food item that can be contaminated with HIV virus.

Apparantely the message was never orginate from NDTV or the Delhi police.

The message is complete fake and can be deleted right now.

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