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Brief Outline: A Fake image of Pashto actress Neelam Gul circulated as Indian Army Brutality on Kasmir Women

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

How they are ruining the dignity of our mothers sisters and daughters. They have beaten her ruthlessly . Her face shows the signs of brutality . Her face express the helplessness. SHOPIAN during CASO . KASHMIR .

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Facts Check Analysis: The images being widely shared among the Kashmiri people and pro Pakistan pages. The message says she is from shopian South Kashmir.

On searching the fake news with search keyword as Neelam Gul, we found a youtube video titled “Pashto Actress Neelam Gul Kicked By Her Husband | Da Neelam Gul Faryad”, not posted so long before.

Watch the complete video on Neelam Gul facebook profile page.

In the video she is crying for help from the police and she is telling all the abuses and pain caused by her husband.

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