Delhi G20 Summit Venue Flooding, Viral Video A Propaganda

A viral video has been circulating on social media claiming to show the flooded Delhi G20 Summit venue. Several people have shared the video, and some have commented that the flooding is a sign of poor planning and preparation by the government. 

Fake news Narrative message, "When your entire focus is on glamour instead of genuineness ... on form instead of function (as we call it in construction) ... this is what happens. ₹2,700 crore G20 venue floods in just one heavy rainfall spell."

TMC's Saket Gokhale wrote on X, formerly Twitter, "According to a video by a journalist, the VENUE OF THE G20 SUMMIT has flooded today due to rain. After spending Rs 4000 crore, THIS is the state of infrastructure. How much of these 4000 crores of G20 funds was embezzled by the Modi Government?"



However, the video is misleading. The flooding is not happening at the Delhi G20 Summit venue. The video shows a slum area in Delhi flooded after heavy rains. 

The Delhi G20 Summit venue is Pragati Maidan, a large exhibition complex in Delhi. 

The flooding video was taken in a slum area in Delhi called Mehramnagar East. The area is near Pragati Maidan, often flooded during the monsoon season.

The flooding in Mehramnagar East results from poor drainage and unplanned development.  The last time Mehramnagar was flooded was in 2022 due to heavy rains. The flooding caused widespread damage to property and infrastructure and displaced many people.


The area is home to several illegal slums, and the government has not done enough to provide adequate drainage or sanitation facilities.

The flooding in Mehramnagar East is a severe problem unrelated to the Delhi G20 Summit. The summit venue is located in a different part of Delhi and is not expected to be affected by flooding. 

The central government's press bureau (PIB) has confronted these claims and refuted the allegations. It said the venue witnessed "minor water logging in the open area swiftly cleared as pumps were pressed into action after overnight rains".

The viral video is a reminder of Delhi's challenges in urban planning and development. The city is home to a large population and is prone to flooding during the monsoon season. The government needs to do more to address these challenges and ensure its citizens' safety. 

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Ashwin Roy is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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