The picture of planes underwater in Houston is fake

There is no photo of planes underwater in Houston. The photo that you are referring to is a hoax that has been circulating online for many years. The original photo was of a submerged aeroplane taken in New York City. The aeroplane was photoshopped onto a picture of a flooded highway in Houston.
The hoax photo was first created in 2017 in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It was shared on social media with the caption "This is what happened to the planes at Houston airport during Hurricane Harvey." This caption is misleading and can be dangerous, as it may discourage people from flying into Houston during a hurricane, even when it is safe to do so.

The hoax photo has been debunked by fact-checking websites and organizations. The image has also been removed from most social media platforms.

If you see an image that you think maybe a hoax, it is important to do your research to verify its authenticity. You can use fact-checking websites or search engines to see if the image has been debunked. You can also contact the photographer or the organization that published the image to ask for more information.

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