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Has URI Movie declared tax free in Pakistan?

The viral message claims that URI, Tax free in Pakistan. Imran Khan has made the movie tax free so that Pakistanis can understand and anticipate the future plans of the Indian Army in detail.

Virus alert: whatsapp gold app news

Latest whatsapp hoax back from 2016, WhatsApp Gold update, people are being sent WhatsApp messages to download an update for the messaging app which in reality is a malware..

Saddle River Police Department warns of hoax message

Hoax message warning by Saddle River Police Department readThis is the Saddle River Police. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND RUN AWAY FROM HOME! Bad pleople (sic) are after you. Contact this number when you have done so.

Truth about this picture posted by BJP, Congress supporter, Rahul Gandhi

This images were shared by many BJP and Congress supporters and indeed once by Rahul Gandhi, criticizing Yogi Adityanath’s government in UP for cracking down on the students.