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Trending Kapil Sharma show with Boycottkapilsharmashow hash tag, might be stopped if this man is on the show

boycottkapilsharmashow trend started on Twitter on the second day of the attack. It took a while to understand that there is resentment in the country and where the trend of entertainment is coming from the world.

State Bank of India warns of fake accounts on social media

The State bank of India warned its customers against any integration of non official handles, it said to interact only with the verified and official handles of SBI

Rahul Gandhi standing with Adil Ahmed, Pulwama Attack Suicide Bomber

An image viral on the social media of a picture of Congress President with Adil Ahmed, the suicide bomber in the Pulwama attack is not true.

Do Iceland pays $5000 to immigrants who marry Icelandic women

Old viral news still active on the social media that “Due to a shortage of men, Iceland will pay $5,000 per month to immigrants who marry Icelandic women.”