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Air India old age discount, Will 60 years old get Air India Flight tickets at half the price

The Aviation Ministry passes the air fare brought forward to PM Narendra Modi. All senior citizens of Indian nationality and permanently residing in India over 60 years of age get Air India Flight tickets at half the price for travel within INDIA

What was the Age of the Nurse who carried Rahul Gandhi as a child?

The viral message claims the age of the Nurse who was present during Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s birth was only 13 years old is not true.

The truth about men who hacked 4000 million US dollars from 217 banks.

A message shared by 139k users claims a man, hacked 4000 million us dollars and gave all the money to poor people of Africa and Palestine is not true

Is helmet wearing not compulsory in Gujarat?

The viral message claims. In Gujarat, the court has rejected the helmet check, which is going on in Gujarat so far.