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Remember the women talking to Rahul Gandi in Aeroplane

A video of the women, who spoke to Rahul Gandhi in plane last week, expressing her distraught in Kashmir, now viral in wrong narrative.

Shireen Mazari’s letter to the UN fakes light on Indian abuse in Kashmir again

Pakistan’s Shireen Mazari’s, letter to 18 UN Special Procedures mandate-holders on violations of international human rights law by the Government of India in IOK.

Shahid Afridi call for Kasmir hour, get’s dull response

Shahid Khan Afridi,  former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team, took to twitter to get some publicity and request to people to get some support on the Kashmir.

Indian rupee to taka bangladesh taka which is strong

Fake: In a 72 yrs of independent India, it is the first time that Indian Rupees value has become less than Bangladeshi currency Taka!!its a high time of rethink our economy policy!!