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Will getting poked by syringe attract HIV AIDS, Arvind Khamitkar

The post claims that an anonymous person getting poked by a needle in a theatre and later she realizes she has been infected with AIDS.

Pictures shared as Babri Masjid from British Library

Multiple pictures has been circulating in social media, all claiming as Babri Masjid Inside pictures Joh British Library. The information shared since 2017 is mostly false. 


Child brutality from Kathua, viral as from Pakistan

A video available on social media with the below information,” Cruel Pakistani mother inflicts a severe beating on her daughter. This is the fate of countless children in a practice seen as normative among most Punjabi families

Help police catch the abuser women, CHILD ABUSE VIDEO UPDATE

A video available on social media, where a woman is mercilessly abusing a child is viral, many claiming it to be from India is not true.