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Malappuram Pregnant Elephant, A murder in 93.91 literacy state Kerala

Kerala has been known for the highest literacy rate of 93.91 in Bharat, however, such incidents teach us and ask s us question, are Keralites really educated or these statistics only in books and for media. 

Myindia 4, June, 2020

7 Strange ways of animals giving birth

Life is full of wonders and giving birth is one of the miracles of God. In animals, there are many strange ways where babies are born. Some come from males, some from the female. The process of laying and hatching eggs varies widely.

Trending 3, June, 2020

List of Top Chinese Companies in India

China has emerged as one of the most popular low-cost manufacturing destinations; It accounts for 72% of the global air conditioner production, 47% of refrigerator production, 45% of television production, 35% of washing machine production and over 52% of mobile phone production   

News 3, June, 2020

Hard Facts people are fools to use this China APP, websites

The list below states the information on how China has been selling its products outside its country, but in its own country, it has blocked the use of products like mobile apps and websites from other countries. 


Myindia 2, June, 2020

7 shocking facts of Pyramid of Giza

We all know about seven wonders of the earth; the Great Pyramid of Giza is one of them. There are many mysteries that need to solve like how those people brought each piece of these pyramids together and what kind of concrete they have used, how this structure is so perfectly aligned. As we know that that time, technology was absolutely absent.

Trending 1, June, 2020

Can you spot the animals picture, top puzzles for eye viral worldwide?

The best thing we can do at this time is to stay inside and solve some puzzles.  Below is the list of puzzles for the eyes to find out

Facts-check 1, June, 2020

Rahul Gandhi meeting with migrants, Priyanka Gandhi picture 2019 viral

 A picture shared on Social Media shows women who met Rahul Gandhi at Sukhdev Vihar, was actually staged, as she can be seen at different places.

Facts-check 31, May, 2020

Pm Modi letter address, Here is the full text of PM Modi's letter

A year ago, a golden chapter was added to the history of Indian democracy. After decades, the people of the country gave a second opportunity to a government elected with a full majority.

Myindia 30, May, 2020

7 Most Expensive House in the World

A home is a place of comfort where we enjoy with family it may be big or small. In today’s post, we will share about world expensive houses.

Living 29, May, 2020

7 facts about North Korea that will blow your mind

North Korea is located in East Asia in the Northern half of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea is always in limelight for its weird rules and system. Many insane rules of this country will surprise you.

Trending 28, May, 2020

16 Species of red bird images with name will make your day, bird red list 2020

List of red color bird names and red eye bird names, the brilliant red plumage on many bird species isn't just pretty; it has a purpose. Male House Finches with bright red coloring, for example, more easily attract mates.

Trending 28, May, 2020

Minor tribal girl brutally thrashed in fathers presence; video goes viral

Watch this heartbreaking video of a woman being thrashed, Gujarat, 16-Year-Old Girl in Gujarat Mercilessly Thrashed For Eloping, Video Goes Viral

Facts-check 28, May, 2020

Most trending news in India today, Ant Smasher, Khan, Saharan Leopard

Trending, The Saharan Leopard in the cultural barn of Haqar after it's last spotted more than 10 years ago this animal is among endangered animals, which requires protection and preserved.

Trending 28, May, 2020

FactCheck Claim: MHA permits all States to open schools

News viral on Social media claims that the Home Ministry has stated the opening of all schools in all the states.  

Facts-check 28, May, 2020

Fake news of forest fire 2020 in Uttarakhand being circulated on social media

Uttarakhand forest fire: Fake news, old photos being circulated on social media, says forest department

Facts-check 28, May, 2020

The 20 brands you thought as foreigners are actually Indian

We Indians always get attracted to the foreign brands and give less value to our own Indian brand thinking its cheap quality, 

Trending 27, May, 2020

Amazon Prime Video, Paatal Lok protest number 18002086271 viral

Messages viral on Social media claiming to be number from Paatal Lok protest number, the message asks to log a protest by calling on number 18002086271 

Facts-check 27, May, 2020

Have you seen the natures 8 Amazing top bluebirds, Soo beautiful?

Testing the traditional view of pigeons, the western crowned-pigeon is the largest pigeon in the world, gauging up favorably to a tiny turkey, and in spite of being a close relative of the spheric dodo

Trending 27, May, 2020

Panda bamboo forest facts

Did you know Pandas eat up to 85 pounds of bamboo a day to maintain their energy levels

Trending 26, May, 2020

Delightful street scene in Birmingham as #EidMubarak video

A video said to be shot during the EID celebration, where a group of Muslims from Birmingham can be seen punching each other.

Facts-check 26, May, 2020

Lady Police Constable, suffering from Corona, breathing problem

Viral video on Social media claiming lady police suffering from Coronavirus  

Facts-check 26, May, 2020

Unbelievable fight between a frog & leopard. And see who wins

A video of a leopard attacking a frog is trending on Social Media. A video of a frog defending itself from a leopard attack is viral in Social media.

Trending 25, May, 2020

NDTV publishes fake news, Indian Jawans Briefly Detained by China in Ladakh

News published by NDTV states that “An Indian patrol party of the army and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) were detained and later released by Chinese forces

Facts-check 25, May, 2020

Suspected spy pigeon from Pakistan captured along IB in Kathua

Various images shared along social media groups claims of a pigeon captured as a spy from Pakistan  

Facts-check 25, May, 2020

Pakistani Test Cricketer Yasir Shah Plane crash death news viral

news shared by many on social media regarding the death of Pakistani test player Yasir Shah due to the recent plane crash in Pakistan.  

Facts-check 25, May, 2020

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