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Hindu phobic people blame Hindus for the serial blasts in Sri Lanka

In a real shame of its kind when above 200 people died in the Sri Lankan Church attack, many people on the social media were seen either enjoying the ghastly attack and many were seen blaming the Hindus to this act.

Did the PM Modi use the abusive Word BC at a Gujarat Rally

A short clip of Narendra Modi is going viral where the PM can be heard saying the word BC; Is not correct; This has different meanings in the Gujarati language.

Daring Admission by Pragya Singh Thakur, I had demolished the structure

A never heard before or a new era of politics has begun in Indian politics. BJP Candidate from Bhopal has yet again created a new controversy yet called daring by many.

Congress uses photograph of a police officer killed by Muslim mob, tweet backfires 

The Congress party tweeted a short video targeting lynching as the main issue, however, it included a photo of DEP Muhammad Ayub Pandith, who was killed by a pro-Pakistan pro-terror Muslim mob outside a mosque in Srinagar