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Left bhakt Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai deletes his tweet twice on Amit shah

India: The upcoming election in New Delhi has become quite hot and fake even. Anti Modi and Left Support Rajdeep Sardesai was caught again peddling fake news against the Union Minister Amit Shah,  

This is really bad Deepak Chaurasia lynched at Shaheen Bagh, alive

This is equivalent to the lynching of people for which the opposition cried over the ears in India. After watching the video many people felt that noted journalist Deepak Chaurasia was Lynched at Shaheen Bagh. This is really shameful.  

Did Ruby Bridges turn 65?

The Facebook page shared the meme, which claimed that  an American civil rights activist  Ruby Bridge is just  65 years old:

Original Source: YouTube duck feeding fish video, Is it friendship? No

A video of a Duck feeding fish has been widely viewed on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. A duck feeding fish, however, the reality is drastically different