The ISRO chief reflects on the successful entry of Aditya L1 into the Halo orbit as the culmination of a prolonged journey.

As the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully placed the Aditya-L1 spacecraft into its destination orbit, the space agency's chief S Somanath called it an "end of a long journey", adding that it was an anxious moment. Still, they were sure it would be successful. The ISRO chief also said that the mission was "complex" and that they had overcome the complexity precisely.
"126 days from lift-off to now…it has reached the final point. So, reaching the final point is always anxious, but we were very sure about it. So, it happened as predicted. We are delighted," he said.
The head of ISRO further commented, stating, "This mission was intricate; I wouldn't characterize it as challenging. Challenges are endeavours we embrace, whereas complexities demand overcoming.

Today, we have successfully navigated the complexity and achieved precision. The payloads are functioning optimally, yet additional work is needed to ensure the reliability and usability of the data. That phase will commence from this point onward."
Initiated in September of the preceding year, the mission aims to explore the photosphere, chromosphere, and the Sun's outer layers, referred to as the corona.

It aims to furnish essential data for comprehending the dynamics of particles originating from the Sun and delving into the physics of the solar corona. Additionally, the mission seeks to analyze temperatures, velocity, and plasma density within corona loops, aiding in identifying processes at different layers that contribute to solar eruptive events and investigating magnetic field topology.

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