Simple &: Easy to Clean / Sanitize your home with our latest American patented technology

The Rainbow Cleaning Systems provide certified Air Cleaning to your home environment. This advanced vacuuming system is a patented product from the USA. The original water-based home cleaning system that is built to last. This is an asthma-certified & allergy-friendly, certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. This equipment comes with various fragrances that make your home fresh and smell delightfully clean.

The Rainbow has made many homes smell clean and fresh, but it is CLEAN and FRESH! We now have confidence that our customers and every occupant of the house, including your pets, can enjoy the air quality in our home and feel like they are in a cleaner environment.”

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Cleaning and Sanitization are made easy with IKleen 


Home sweet home is where we can be ourselves, sleep, cook, eat, and work. So, why ensure your home remains the best place to live by keeping it clean every time? However, not everyone can spare time to clean the entire home by themselves, so the better way is to book professional house cleaning services. Home cleaning services are a must not only when functions are around the corner but also otherwise.

You can only get the desired results after house cleaning services if you hire experts like IKLEEN. When you search online for house cleaning services near me, you will notice HiCare’s name in your top search results. It is because the company is a pioneer in offering digital hygiene solutions in the city of Bengaluru.

Fetch the following benefits by booking professional home cleaning services from IKLEEN:

1. Trained professionals will leave your home sparkling as new

2. Complete peace of mind that reduces the stress of cleaning the home by self

3. IKLEEN uses the latest Rainbow cleaning system to clean and sanitize your home

4. Step-by-step deep cleaning procedure with a professional approach

5. Saves money spent on different home cleaning solutions and tools

6. Saves time in cleaning the home by self

We @ IKLEEN provide the following services:

· Floor sterilization: Use cleaning and disinfecting chemicals and sophisticated machinery to remove deep layers of dust.

· Toilet Cleaning: Disinfecting, sanitizing, and deep scrubbing of bathrooms. 

· Surface Treatment: Special treatment of steel, wooden, and glass surfaces.

· Walls and Ceiling: Dusting of walls and ceiling of the entire house.

· Kitchen Cleaning: Cleaning of all furniture and electrical textures.

· Window Cleaning: Cleaning of all glass and windows that are safe

· Electrical fixtures: Cleaning all electrical fixtures like lights, fans, electrical switches, etc.

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