Why is Krishna blue? Mystery Solved

In Hindu mythology and iconography, Lord Krishna is often depicted as having blue skin. Some of the most popular reasons include:

1. Divine Color: Krishna's blue skin is believed to symbolize his divine nature. Blue is associated with the infinite and the transcendent in Hinduism. By being depicted as blue, Krishna represents the idea that he is not an ordinary human being but a divine incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu, one of the principal deities in Hinduism.

2. Cosmic and Spiritual Significance: Blue is associated with the sky and the cosmos, suggesting Krishna's all-encompassing and boundless nature. It signifies his connection to the spiritual realm and his role as a cosmic deity who transcends the physical world's limitations.

3. Representing the Infinite: Krishna's blue colour is sometimes interpreted as an attempt to portray the infinite depth of his personality, love, and wisdom. It suggests that Krishna's qualities are immeasurable and beyond human comprehension.

4. Legends and Stories: Several legends are associated with Krishna's blue skin origin. One famous story suggests that as a young child, Krishna consumed poisoned breast milk from a demoness named Putana. The poison turned his skin blue but did not harm him due to his divine nature.

5. Aesthetic and Cultural Tradition: The blue colour has become an integral part of Krishna's iconography over centuries, and it is now a cultural and artistic tradition. Artists and sculptors have depicted Krishna as blue for centuries, and this tradition continues to be upheld in Hindu art and religious representations.

It is also important to note that Krishna's blue complexion is not just a physical feature. It is also a symbol of his spiritual energy and power. Krishna's devotees often see his blue complexion as a sign of his divinity and ability to protect and guide them.

In addition to the above reasons, there are some more esoteric and mystical explanations for Krishna's blue complexion. For example, some people believe that Krishna's blue complexion is due to his having drunk the poison from the Yamuna River to save his people. Others believe that Krishna's blue complexion is a manifestation of his divine light.

Ultimately, the reason why Krishna is blue is a mystery that scholars and devotees have debated for centuries. However, the most important thing is that Krishna's blue complexion symbolizes his divinity and ability to protect and guide his devotees.

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