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A donkey flight is illegal immigration, where people travel from one country to another by making multiple stops in other countries. The term "donkey flight" is thought to have originated in India, where it is used to describe the practice of Indian migrants travelling to the United Kingdom via a Schengen country.

Donkey flights are often used by people still looking for a visa to their destination country through legal channels. By travelling through multiple countries, people can avoid having to apply for a visa to each country along the way.

Donkey flights can be dangerous and expensive. People who travel on donkey flights are often at the mercy of smugglers and criminals. They may be forced to travel in unsafe conditions and be subjected to abuse and exploitation.

It is assumed that a movie named Dunki is based on this concept of donkey flight. Dunki is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language social comedy-drama film about illegal immigration through the donkey flight method. It is directed by Rajkumar Hirani and stars Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Dia Mirza, and Boman Irani.

The film is set to be released on December 22, 2023.

The film's title refers to the term "donkey

flight." The film is expected to explore the challenges and dangers faced

by people who travel on donkey flights and the human stories behind

this form of illegal immigration.

Relationship between Dunki movie and Donkey flight

The Dunki movie is inspired by the real-life phenomenon of

donkey flights. The film is set to explore the challenges and dangers faced by

people who travel on donkey flights, as well as the human stories behind this

form of illegal immigration.

Here is an example of how a donkey flight might work:

1. A person who wants to travel to the United Kingdom from India would first apply for a visa to a Schengen country like France or Germany.

2. Once they have obtained a visa, they would fly to the Schengen country and enter legally.

3. Once in the Schengen country, they would go to a different Schengen country, such as Belgium or the Netherlands.

4. Once they are in the second Schengen country, they would find a smuggler to help them illegally cross the border into the United Kingdom.

Donkey flights are a complex issue, and there is no easy solution. However, several things can be done to reduce the number of people who travel on donkey flights, including:

· Making it easier for people to obtain visas to their desired destination countries.

· Increasing cooperation between law enforcement agencies in different countries to crack down on smuggling and other illegal immigration activities.

· Raising awareness of the dangers of donkey flights and encouraging people to travel legally.

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