The Shankaracharyas of the Puri and Uttarakhand mutts have decided not to attend the Ram Temple consecration ceremony.

The Shankaracharya of the Govardhana Peetha in Odisha's Puri and the Jyotir Mutt in Uttarakhand's Chamoli have explicitly stated their reasons for not attending, including concerns about the failure to follow norms and objections to the political angle associated with the event, especially the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the sanctum sanctorum.
The opposition seized this development, allowing them to criticize the BJP's handling of the Ayodhya Ram Temple consecration. The BJP has positioned this event as a significant politico-religious landmark, emphasizing Prime Minister Modi's involvement.

The absence of 2critical religious leaders adds to the controversy surrounding the event and may impact the narrative the BJP is trying to build ahead of the upcoming elections.
It remains to be seen how the public and political landscape will be affected by these developments and how the BJP will respond to the criticism from the opposition regarding the consecration of the Ayodhya Ram Temple.

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