Ayupp News is a digital media company based on fact-checking News.

Ayupp is among the oldest fact-checkers in India. We have been running Fact-Check stories since 2015. At Ayupp, we follow a specific methodology to discover the facts of any news we publish.

1. News Claim: Picking a story
Picking stories out of thousands of News floating around on social media, TV channels, and websites is not easy. This is the first place where we select a story without being biased to any political party, region or religion. Many of the stories we get on WhatsApp. We go through various political party leaders’ speeches and their posts on social media platforms.

2. Spread of the message
After this, we go through the spread of the message on social media. How they are searched and spread. We look into the angle that a story has implications on human rights and privacy. A sudden spike in sharing of content over social media gives wings that the message or video can be false or fake.

3. News Research:
Once the content is untrue, we use various methodologies to verify the News. There are many internet tools which help us to gather truth about any information over the internet.

4. Tools used to evaluate a fake news claim
a. Google Reverse Image: used to search Images over Google.
b. Google search: gives the date and time of any news/image published online.
c. InVid tool is used to search any video from its key frame image.
d. Searching for any local news, we check the origin of any news and look for any news published in the local area, from where the news claim is all about.

5. Reaching the truth: Using all these tools, we reach a conclusion, know if the information is correct, and convey this to our readers.

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