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Lockdown rules by Mumbai police during coronavirus is false

Ayupp Fact Check image source social media

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Multiple Fake news claims: A list of messages claiming to be from Mumbai police is circulating on social media stating the list of rules to be followed by the people of Mumbai during the lockdown.

Fake News: From Today Onwards Dated 29 March 2020 this group set its new rules . For post in our group contact us at our mentioned number with your details . Read rules of this group . Minimum charges are applicable for posting for the welfare of the country . Your contribution will be served to poor people of the country who really need us in this epedemic covid 19 .

@MumbaiPolicesuch message circulating on whatsapp, Rules applicable in Mumbai from today- Point 1 essential goods shops except medical will be working from 9 am to 5pm in the evening Point 2 to purchase any essential goods only one person is allowed to go out.. more then 1 go

Facts Check Verdict: False, There is not such report or said lockdown rules as per the viral message.

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