Did Large Lightning Bolt, Strange Lights Appear Right Before Morocco Earthquake

There are reports of large lightning bolts and strange lights appearing right before the Morocco earthquake on September 8, 2023. Videos shared on social media show flashes of light illuminating the night sky, and some people have reported seeing glowing orbs or flames.

Scientists are still trying to understand the cause of earthquake lights, but there are a few theories. One theory is that the lights are caused by electric currents generated by the movement of tectonic plates. Another theory is that chemical reactions in the atmosphere cause the lights.
It is important to note that not all earthquakes are preceded by earthquake lights. And, even when earthquake lights occur, they can appear in various forms. So, the fact that there were reports of earthquake lights before the Morocco earthquake does not necessarily mean that the earthquake caused them.
However, the fact that there have been many reports of earthquake lights over the centuries suggests a natural phenomenon at play. Scientists continue to study earthquake lights; one day, they can definitively explain what causes them.
This video has been on the internet since 2020, which predates the recent earthquake.

Hence the viral message in social media is not true: The video, posted initially on TikTok (archived here) on May 1, 2020, was removed from its original context, and a false caption was added by someone else. It does not show the moments before Morocco's September 8, 2023 earthquake. The video, created by the TikTok user @jayhideaway, features computer-generated special effects added to nighttime footage of the Koreatown neighbourhood of Los Angeles

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