Photo Vatican With UFO On Its Coat Of Arms Its Church In Mexico, With Galero


These two images are interesting and thought-provoking. The first image shows the Vatican coat of arms with what appears to be a UFO in the background. The second image shows a church in Mexico with a galero, a wide-brimmed hat worn by certain high-ranking Catholic clergy.

The viral message on social media, Is the Vatican ruled by aliens? This photo was posted by an Italian citizen at the Vatican on March 30, 2021. For years, conspiracy theorists have revealed that an alien species with a UFO symbol rules the Vatican behind the scenes. Why did the Vatican ban entry to the main library? Why did the previous Pope resign for no reason? It was very interesting getting pictures from the Vatican that prove that the UFO symbol is almost everywhere: on the clothes of statues as the Pope's main seal on the covers of religious books such as the Old Testament. In 1977, the theory was advanced that the Vatican was directly connected to an extraterrestrial religion, but it has never denied or endorsed it.

Some believe these images indicate extraterrestrial life or some hidden connection between the Catholic Church and UFOs. Others believe that the pictures are simply coincidences or that they have been manipulated in some way.

No scientific evidence supports the claim that these images are evidence of extraterrestrial life or of any hidden connection between the Catholic Church and UFOs. However, the photos are still interesting and thought-provoking. They raise questions about our understanding of the universe and our place in it.

One possible explanation for the first image is that the object in the background is simply a cloud or a piece of dust. Another possibility is that it is a reflection of something on the camera's lens. It is also possible that the image has been manipulated in some way.

The second image is also open to interpretation. Some people believe that the galero on the roof of the church is evidence of a connection between the Catholic Church and extraterrestrial life. Others think that the galero is simply a symbol of the church's authority. It is also possible that the image has been manipulated in some way. 

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