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Five unique animals you will not believe exist MANGALITSA PIG

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Animal are also one kind of living organism we see all around us. Animals are also having feeling, which they express by their emotions. However, have you ever imagined animals, which are all different from the living world and have few of the special qualities, which is different to the normal animals. Here are the few animals, which will amaze you and make you feel like living in the world of movies.


The Mangalitsa Pig is a pig found in Hungary discovered in the mid nineteen century. Due to woolly coat, covering of this animal it resembles the sheep therefore; it is named as Mangalitsa Pig. This animal can be black or red in color.

Mangalitsa Pig is counted in Domestic animals. This pig has a huge weight according to researcher when these Pigs are of 13-14 months they have their weight more than 180-200kg and after fattening, they gain their weight 200-300kg. These Pigs have blonde Mangalica- blonde hairs, have swallow- bellied Mangalica- black and blonde.

The Mangalica produces too little lean meat, so it has been gradually replaced by modern domestic breeds. It is usually fed with a mix of wild pasture, supplemented with potatoes and pumpkins produced on the farm.

Tragically was nearly extinct by the 1990s. In addition, nearly it was  only 200 Pigs found in Hungary.



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