10-year-old rape victim by Uncle to give birth to a child, SC rejects plea

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India has rejected a plea for abortion of 10-year-old rape victim girl, she was seeking termination of her 32 week pregnancy.

The Supreme Court said that abortion can endanger the life of the girl and it is also not good for the fetus. It was said on behalf of the Supreme Court that it is too late now for abortion. The child is a 32-week pregnant.

The petition was filled by Supreme Court lawyer Alak Alok on behalf of the girl child. Earlier, the petition was rejected by the Chandigarh district court on July 18. That time the girl was 26 weeks pregnant.

As per law abortion cannot be allowed if the pregnancy crosses20 weeks until there are threat to the life of the mother.

 Before that, the District Court of Chandigarh had earlier refused to grant the consent of the victim to abortion in one of its decisions on July 18, 2017. The accused of rape with the girl herself is her maternal uncle. The girl's father is a government employee while her mother does domestic work. A case of rape with the girl came out when she complained of stomach pain to her family.

When the parents took her to the hospital, it was revealed that she was pregnant. At the same time, a 10-year-old child becomes pregnant is strange for doctors as well. The doctors treating the child said that they have never seen such a case before that in which a child has been pregnant at such a young age. According to doctors, in this age the child's body does not develop properly, the body bone passes through the process of developing. In the case of rape victim doctors said that if the baby is pregnant for 9 months, then it can be very dangerous for her.

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