Chhattisgarh BJP leader Harish Verma has blamed his party's state government for killing 200 cow


NEW DELHI: Chhattisgarh BJP leader Harish Verma has blamed his party's state government for killing 200 cow’s due to hunger in Shagun Gaushala in Durg district.

According to a report, Harish Verma, who was arrested by the police on charges of "breach of trust and negligence", has claimed that the government of his party has not left enough money to maintain the cowshed. 

BJP leader Harish Verma, who is the vice president of Jamul Municipal Corporation, has been taking shelter from the last seven years. 

Between the depth of debate on cow protection and self-reliance between the rising incidents of attacks by vigilance, due to the lack of hunger and lack of medicines in a cow made by BJP leader, more than 200 cows died.

 In the residents of Rajpur village, where the cowshed is situated, it has been claimed that more than 200 cows died due to starvation and lack of medicines in the shelter within three days. Officials, however, confirmed the death toll of only 27 hungers. 

"We saw two JCB machines operated by the cow shelter two days ago and informed the media persons. When we arrived here, we found that many trenches are being dug to tilt the dead cows around." Rajpur Sarpanch Husband service Ram Sahu said. 

The villagers have alleged that most cows have already been buried near the shelter. Many bodies, which were found in the surrounding area, except for those buried, told the media. 

According to doctor’s present on the spot, cows died due to "starvation and lack of medicines".  


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