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A complete coverage of the Swatch Bharat Mission on household toilets in figures for 2016

India, When we are in abroad, we often compare the other nations with the Indian cities. We say how clean they look. Well we should not forget this cleanliness is a habit by the government and each and every people living in a nation.

Similar example is Lee Kuan, who started a similar movement in Singapore in 1968 and cleanliness did not come over a night. It took decades to be one of the cleanest places in the world.  Prime Minister Lee launched the government's first nationwide public education programmes, dubbed Singapore Clean Campaign. The aim of the month-long mission: to make Singapore the cleanest and greenest city in the region by tackling its bane of littering in public places. A month, of course, is hardly enough for large-scale change of any kind.

In one of the interviews PM Narendra Modi said, to turn a scooter it hardly takes a second, but to turn a rail, it takes whole of a system to change. India is really a big country and a start does matters, we can never find a difference until we don’t start something.

How the Swatch Bharat abhiyan is performing.

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