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AAP Goa colleague advice to Kejriwal, Modi obsession must end

New Delhi: A few days before AAP co-founder Mayank Gandhi’s criticized Arvind Kejriwal credibility through a open letter to Kejriwal. Now AAP party’s chief spokesperson for Goa Dr Oscar Rebello, has now hit out at AAP. He said that AAP’s biggest mistakes and a main reason for its electoral failures was its obsession with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Oscar Rebello is a respected city doctor. His article was published on a local news website, has slammed the AAP party’s earlier decision to sack social workers and founder members of the Aam Aadmi Party, Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav from the party, which he says could have alienated AAP from a significant section of the intelligentsia.

Rebello In a piece of article published in a daily here on Friday, ‘said the party shouldn’t have criticised the November decision to scrap high-value currency notes. Crushing black economy is the life blood of AAP and demonetisation should have been welcomed, with caveats of course, but our blind rage of Modi-Shah blinded us to the obvious

On questioning the surgical strikes on terror camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir was a big mistake.

Rebello in the article said that it is us to blame for going after every situation, whether it be demonetisation, surgical strike or any situation coming up. We should have left over to the economists over the demonetisation move instead of analyzing our selves.

 Oscar said, Kejriwal heads the government there, he cannot engage the party into conflict mode with the center every time. As a chief minister he should keep his head down and do his work accordingly.

On Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, he wrote they cannot pretend to be angels. They tried to sabotage the AAP in Delhi 2015. However their ugly public removal from the party did a lot of damage to the AAP party image on the general public.

Rebello  said “Arvind Kejriwal, like any other great leader, has sacrificed so much. Family and career, financial security, even his health,”.