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Action on Madrasa who did not follow Tricolor and the National Anthem, UP orders

Lucknow: Cabinet Minister Shrikant Sharma was present on Thursday at the BJP headquarters in UP to resolve the public problems. During the public hearing at the state office, Cabinet Minister Shrikant Sharma heard the problems of the public and immediately took prompt action on the spot, directed the concerned officers to settle the problems of the public. To prepare for the problems of many applicants, send a letter and send it to the respective departments.

Government's duty to provide information about the unity of the country
Responding to a question asked by the journalist about the compliance of government orders in the issue of Tricolor and National Anthem in Rampur Madrasa, Cabinet Minister Shrikant Sharma said that the tricolor is for all of us and it is our duty to respect the Tricolor. January 15th and 26th, we celebrate as a national celebration, our future generations that are in schools and they are the future of India. They should have the knowledge of our Independence revolutionaries, about the unity of the country, about the martyrs of the country, this is government's moral obligation to give information about what is your Heritage. Some people in this are doing politics due to personal selfishness, which is absolutely wrong and we condemn it in words.

If any law violates law then law will do its work

The law is the same for all, the country is one and compliance with the law should be done by everyone. Unfortunately, after 70 years, these types of circulars are still to be released. Because of the people who were in power had exploited the power and saw a special class as only a mere vote bank. While the country is for everyone. After 70 years we still have this type of discussion is a regret. For this, the previous governments are responsible. We are all one under the Tricolor, this is a celebration of the system, we all celebrate it together. If there is a violation of the law then the law will definitely do its job.

Akhilesh should maintain peace
Yesterday, after the clash between the Samajwadi Party and the police during the district panchayat elections in Auraiya district, former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav was going to meet the SP workers. Police arrested Akhilesh Yadav on Agra Expressway. In response to this question asked by the journalists, the cabinet minister said that he appeals to former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav that he be wise and should help him in maintaining peace arrangements in the state. If something happened there, then the police and administrative officers will do their job. On the issue of protest and protest against the assembly by the Aanganwadi activists, the minister said that the government is thinking about them. The government will soon take a better decision for them. Therefore Anganwadi workers should be patient. Shrikant Sharma disposed of the problems from 11 AM to 1 PM.