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Angry Lalu Yadav at republic TV journalist, viral video on social media

New Delhi: RJD President Lalu Prasad Yadav today (June 14) was badly rattled over the question of relations with benami property and Shahabuddin and rebuked Arnab Goswami's reporter. Lalu Yadav came to Delhi on the call of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi had a meeting with the opposition parties to choose the presidential candidate.

When Lalu Yadav reached Delhi Airport, Republican TV reporter asked him direct questions about Benami property and what is Lalu’s contact with Hirday Lal Chowdhury, Lalu said in his own style that you should relax, the reporter replied in reply. Our job is not to rest, our job is to ask questions and we will question. Lalu Yadav said that we do not have any answer to your question. Then the journalist said that you do scam after scam and we will not question. Lalu Yadav then said that the scam is you; Modi's has given supari to you.

After this, people with Lalu had removed the reporter from there, but the journalist asked the question again, what is your relation with Shahabuddin? So Lalu said, I have a good relation. On this, the journalist said that the you have relationship with the gangster, and you will not answer? After this, Lalu lost his temper and screamed at the journalist, "He said slangs at the journalist. The journalist said this on how you can speak like this, we ask questions. During this time, Lalu kept speaking. Reporter asked again- on this Lalu said - Ask your father! There was a debate between Lalu Yadav and TV reporter, watch the video going viral on social media.

Another tweet by Republic Tv on Lalu Yadav