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Are people just beggars whom political parties offer freebies?

Election Session, UP Election 2017: Whatever state it be, it can be seen political parties offering freebees to the general public. Some offer free electricity, some offer laptops, some offer loan waiver schemes and lots and lots. Instead of making the country people to be able to pay to their expenses the political parties know what can be best offered, because they know who created that and what it the solution. They know how to take out the vote in their favor at the time of election.

Still after so many years of Independence we are only a developing country nation. As a student when I used to go to school I used to read in the text books that India is a developing country and there are only a select few developed nation. I had a feeling that time by the time we reach in our adulthood India would be a developed Nation, but to my disappointment we are still a developing Nation.

Coming back to the Election Session 2017, though it is fought mainly based on the combination of cast, creed, color and development (All Thanks to Modi) but still the tall promises have not gone from the Election where all the parties have something to offer to the people of the state. Instead of making them self reliable this freebies are as well more important in the election.

Uttar Pradesh Current CM Akhilesh Yadav has announced a series of promises that his government would fulfill if they are back to power.

  1. The next government, he said, would build the Purvanchal Expressway and link district headquarters across the states with four-lane roads.
  2. Akhilesh promised to strengthen his flagship laptop scheme while promsing to improve the education sector in the state.
  3. The party manifesto promised a women education fund.
  4. The Samajwadi Party leader also promised special ghee and milk powder packets for malnourished children, especially in the drought-hit region of Bundelkhand.
  5. Reaching out to the youth, the leader promised skill development and self-employment schemes.
  6. Speaking on the various issues of farmers, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister announced that the next government would constitute a fund to help aggrieved farmers.
  7. The Chief Minister promised populist measures like giving Rs. 1,000 as pension to one crore people. Akhilesh also added that poor people will be given free wheat and rice.

Congress Manisfesto-Rahul Gandhi Manifesto

  1. Focuses on economic empowerment of women and child development.
  2. The manifesto also focuses on the youth, farmers and Dalits.
  3. The party announced free bicycles to girl students from classes 9 to 12
  4. three lakh grant to Scheduled Caste youth to start a business, up to Rs. two lakh low-interest loans for minorities
  5. reservation within reservation for OBC and loan waiver for farmers.
  6. 'Qarza Maaf, Bijli Half' is the prime issue taken in the party's manifesto. The party promised the welfare scheme that proposes to waive off loans of debt ridden farmers and reducing the price of electricity for farmers and artisans by half.
  7. Police reforms, interestingly, is an issue that figures among the top issues. The party proposes changes in police preparedness and response measures while citing guidelines issued by Supreme Court of India in Prakash Singh & Ors vs Union of India case for overhaul of police administration structure.
  8. In a rare mention of women-specific poll promise, the party has proposed 50 percent reservation for women in Panchayat elections.
  9. Push for better implementation of credit facilities for small-scale industry and self-employment. The party has also proposed a new Uttar Pradesh Skills and Employment Mission for skilling youths and ensuring jobs for 50 lakh youths. A separate cell looking after job creation is proposed to be created within the Chief Minister's office.
  10. For incentives to minorities, the party proposes a scheme to encourage young entrepreneurs to start their businesses but as a vague promise fails to give any details of the scheme.
  11. It has proposed to reform the Mandi system while optimising fertiliser distribution in the state. It also promises farmers that they will be provided returns over and above the MSP announced by the Central Government by establishing an Agricultural Price Commission.

Bharatiya Janata Party BJP manifesto:

  1. 500 crore will be allocated for the Baba Ambedkar fund.
  2. All colleges and universities will have free WiFi.
  3. Up to Rs. six lakh loan from permanent houses and toilets. BPL citizens to get Rs. two lakh life cover.
  4. 24x7 electricity in all houses.
  5. Villages will be connected with mini-bus services.
  6. There will be a Bundelkhand and Poorvanchal development board under the directed supervision of the Chief Minister's office.
  7. Redressal system in every district to sort our trader disputes.
  8. 5,000 for every girl child born in poor families; no age bar for widow pensions which will be Rs. 1,000.
  9. The opinion of all women on triple talaq will be taken and placed in front of Supreme Court.
  10. On Ram temple, the law will be followed to get the temple built as soon as possible.
  11. All farm loans to be waived; farmers will get further loans with zero percent interest.
  12. In the next five years, Rs. 150 crore fund will be set up for agricultural development.
  13. Bundelkhand will get special preference.
  14. The motto of Na goondaraj Na Bhrashtachar (no goondaraj, no corruption) will be followed.
  15. In 45 days, all criminals, who are out on parole and committing crimes, will be brought back to jails.
  16. FIRs for all citizens will be filed without caste bias.
  17. A task force will be set up in every district to tackle different mafias.
  18. Class III and Class IV employees will be hired only on the basis of merit, no interviews to end corruption.
  19. 1,000 crore start-up capital fund will be provided.
  20. 90 percent of the jobs will be given to youth of Uttar Pradesh.
  21. Laptops will be given without any bias with free 1 GB data per month.
  22. All students scoring about 50 percent will get free education till graduation.
  23. In the next five years, there will be toilets in every house, LPG in every house and gas pipelines for cities.

The BSP, did not have an election manifesto this time for Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections 2017. Instead of promising political freebies, Mayawati however focused on the caste, creed issue. However something similar to this it have raised commitment

  1. BSP have said that "It would also not distribute free laptops and smartphones as the Samajwadi Party was doing. Instead, direct cash incentives would be provided to the poor and weaker sections".
  2. She promised that if elected to power, her government would not erect statues or monuments now.
  3. Mayawati said other parties make populist announcements in election manifestoes, but these remained "limited to elections".
  4. BSP Government will solve problems of (Contractual teachers) Sikhsha Mitra.
  5. All unmarried lady teachers will be transferred to their home districts.
  6. When BSP will come to power no new statues will be built as all the projects have already done by previous BSP government.
  7. Samajwadi Party financial decisions and recruitment procedures will be reviewed properly.
  8. No fake foundation laying ceremonies will be conducted.
  9. We will complete all development welfare schemes
  10. We will provide egg, milk and other basic quality products as midday meal.
  11. BSP will waive loans on farmers.
  12. People who are landless and dalits will be distributed land.
  13. Uttar Pradesh Law and Order is totally collapsed, if BSP comes to power there will be complete law and order.
  14. All welfare schemes that were stopped by SP government will be restarted.

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