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Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar's the famous Journalists Twitter account hacked by Legion

New Delhi, Ravish: First it was journalist Barkha Dutt's Twitter account which was allegedly hacked on Saturday by a group calling themselves as Legion and now on Sunday is was Ravish Kumar's account being hacked.

Earliar the legion has hacked the twitter account of Vijay Mallya's account (posting a series of tweets claiming details of Mallya's assets at several banks and passwords of accounts.) and Rahul Gandhi's ( claiming that he has the brains of a 5-year-old), congress party

The Hackers posted

"We use Twitter as a means to reach the public. We don't just hack Twitter accounts, go through the data and find out," the group posted a tweet signing "Legion".

"Coming up next - @LalitKModi leaks. Stay tuned," they posted in a subsequent tweet.

The tweets were later deleted and Ravish's Twitter account has been restored.

The Indian Express, reported The hackers had also tweeted out Dutt’s email address and its password, while glorifying the group saying “Long live the legion”. The tweets, which contained offensive language, were deleted immediately. However, a tweet saying “Remember kids, e-mail us at legion_group@sigaint.org if you have useful information or sp00lz” is still pinned on top.

Email, Twitter accounts of senior NDTV journalists have been hacked. Attempts are being made to use emails out of context. We are asking relevant authorities, including courts, to take strong action. Quoted NDTV (http://www.ndtv.com/communication/ndtv-statement-on-accounts-being-hacked-1636477?pfrom=home-topstories)