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Complete Video: Bengaluru shocker molestation, two arrested, what if there is no camera?

Bengaluru, Complete Video:  Just a day after the news of mass molestation, there was yet another video surfaced of yet another molestation video in Bengaluru.  As per current information two people person have been arrested in connection to the molestation. The girls belonged to North-East.

Since we have the recording of the video it must have been easier for the police to catch hold of the person involved in the incident. However if there was no video recording available, this case must have been gone unnoticed. As said by the girl on a news channel, she don’t want to file a case as nothing would happen.

What if there is no camera, like this there are many places in the city which do not have camera and often such incidents go unnoticed.

What was the case?

Two persons on scooter molested a girl in Kammanahalli near Indiranagar, area in Bengaluru.

The video footage shows a lady walking in a residential area towards her house when this two duo followed her, griped her.  

Watch Full video:

The Full video clip further shows the victim falling on the road soon after the attacker is gone. Onlookers just watch "the horror" from far.

One of the youths who was detained lives on a street in Kammanahalli where the attack took place on January. Police have filed an FIR with regard to this in east Bengaluru, Tuesday night after receiving CCTV footage from the owner of a building, from where the recording was done.

The CCTV footage was telecasted continuously throughout Wednesday. The friends of the attackers were caught on camera watching the sequence of events from the street corner.