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Demonetization: GOI and all state governments should lead by example

Demonetization: GOI and all state governments should lead by example

Yesterday, I became a witness for my friend’s court marriage ceremony. To give the fee amount, there was no card payment facility available. We had no option, other than giving cash. After the formalities were over, and my friend was about to receive his certificates, the concerned authority demanded 700 rupees extra money. When my friend questioned about it, he got a reply that he can opt to not to pay the money, in that case he will have to come several times to Corporation office to collect his certificates and if he opts to pay the amount then he will get certificates immediately. He chose the first option.

The above story is about the Corporation office in Bangalore. Its a very small issue in the Silicon valley of India. As per recent survey done by CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Association of India), Bangalore is least affected city in India due to Demonetization. Though BDA’s are handled by state government and GOI (Government of India) can’t take any step to control it. But it shows the way our system is organized. Just think what could be happening elsewhere in India. :( 

It’s almost a month since our Prime Minister announced the news to demonetize 500 and 1000 notes, but the issues seems to increasing day by day. Stone pelting is back in valley, Babus (Government officers) has started taking bribes with new currency notes. Everything is back on track other than lines in queue for common man is increasing day by day. 

What NAMO could have done?

  1. Stopped printing of 500 and 1000 notes at least one month before announcement. This could have increased circulation of smaller denomination notes in market. 
  1. All government offices (at least central) should have been digitalized. As of now everywhere only cash is accepted. If GOI had plans to demonetize then why was this not implemented?  All the GOI offices should become cashless. This will really help in reducing corruption.

          My only point is that Central government should have become role model for people to follow. It has become kind of leadership which wants people to follow rules, but the leader itself is not able to implement its rules. It’s like traffic police not wearing helmet while driving bike and expecting people to wear helmet. 

  1. ATM machines should have been installed in rural areas. There must be some rules that within some proximity one ATM machines should be there. In March 2016, I went to my hometown and went to visit Devri mandir, and we were short of money. We thought of withdrawing money from nearest ATM Devri mandir is almost 70 kms from Ranchi. We came to know that nearest ATM is in Bundu, that was almost 18 kms. When we reached there, huge queue welcomed us. Almost 100 people already in line. I am just thinking what situation would be now.

Devri Temple is 70 kms away from Ranchi(Capital of Jharkhand). It's a place most often visited by Dhoni.  After demonetization, just think how much pain people would be facing to withdraw their own money. 

Demonetization is very big decision taken by GOI. Trust me, if it is not implemented properly it will bounce back on NAMO very very badly. Modi jee has asked people to support him till December end. As per the survery 94% people support this decision. But I fear that If things don’t improve, then even the die-hard fans for Namo might go aginst him. Which will directly lead them to loosing of votes in upcoming elections.  Let’s keep patience few more days!!

It’s my view. If readers have any other suggestions then please mail it to in.ayupp@gmail.com