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Digvijay Singh abuses Narendra Modi and common people on twitter

New Delhi: Digvijay Singh who is more known for his abusive and misleading post is once again in news. This time for posting severely post against Narendra Modi and to the people of India for his cheap comment.  

Along with the first message he posted he also posted second twitter message to confirm his first statement he says “Not mine but couldn't help posting it. My apologies to the person concerned. He is the best in the "Art of Fooling!"”

Coming back to the message what Digvijay Singh said may be true from his point of view, but telling Chutiya to the people of India is not good. There are people who may like you, or Rahul Gandhi even, we simply can’t say if some  one dosen’t likes you of Rahul as chutiya.

Bhakt is a severe derogatory term used against the supporters of Narendra Modi. There are millions of common people who support Modi and supporters of the PM.

A statement coming out from a leader of Congress who is the General Secretary of a National Party is really cheap, especially when he is blaming and abusing the people who support Narendra Modi.