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Election 2017, Hate Modi, offer goodies, win any election in India

Opinion Election 2017, Politician: There are different types of education in school and colleges, Mass communication, science stream, computer and many, many even get education on how to be a politician and two ways to achieve growth either make your own line or pull someone down to go up..
How to Win Any election in India

Looking at the present days political parties and many journalist who have become quite famous, if you see their carrier path you can hardly find anything similar however one thing is common many of them hate Modi and the more you hate Narendra Modi the bigger and best you are.
Narendra Modi Vs rest all together The Samajwadi party, Modi VS SP, Congress, TMC, RJD, RLD. You only need to hate Modi to be politician.

Indeed if you look at the politics in all the five states which is going to happen it is all based on how much venom you can split for Narendra Modi and the more you can, the bigger you become and be successful. See the example of Arvind Kejriwal who has become the CM of New Delhi based on Modi hype factor.

Enemies who were thought to be arch rivals became friends like the ones in Bihar a mahagathbandhan was formed only to stop the Modi factor. RJD and JDU once arch rival become friends.

SPM and TMC, Mamta Banerjee asked CPM support over demonetisation, to fight against Modi in west Bengal.

However the biggest question is not over you hate or love Modi, the question is people are getting fed with this negative mindset and they are being pushed to do as this political parties wants. Each and every day a common man is indirectly attacked by the political parties to throw more venom and increase the hatred for Modi.

Just at the time of election promise any number of free gifts, vouchers, goodies you can give like no electricity payment, don’t need to give back loans taken, free laptops and many other things among few which can lure the voters.

The Political Parties don’t have any political agenda other then Hating Modi and offering goodies at the time of election, these two things is enough to win election in India.

Coming to UP Election, The Samajwadi party once started the fight in this election all alone and go for all the seats and fight for the agenda of development, but as the days passed as per media reports they have joined hands with the congress party to stop the division of the Muslim Votes and fight more against Modi.

Congress which was once a Great national party have now become a back bench support for many alternate small parties. It was assumed that the Congress would go alone in the UP election after declaring Shiela Dikshit as their Chief Ministerial candidate, but now they have come up with SP to support the SP growth. Akhilesh once said that alone he can get around 200 plus votes, but along with the congress he can manage more than 300 seats. Actually he meant was the consolidation of the Muslim votes on his side.

Remember the case of kanhaiya kumar and the famous JNU protests. He had also one thing in common and now he is so successful, just hate Modi

In Punjab and Goa as well Modi is the Deciding factor again you have to hate Modi.