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New Delhi, Election Commission of India: Taking a big decision on the Fake political parties the EC had delisted fake political parties. As per the news sources, EC has black listed 255 Political Parties. 

The EC also asked the CBDT to examine these 255 bogus accounts of political parties. 255 political parties’ registered but non-recognized financial details will be examined.

Some parties as per Indian express

* The Great India Revolutioners, Roop Nagar, Delhi

* Life Peaceful Party, Tumkur, Karnataka

* Ministerial System Abolition Party, Kolkata, West Bengal

* Bharatiya Santaji Party, Nagpur, Maharashtra

A total of 52 parties in the found bogus political parties are mostly registered in Delhi. One such fake party Address registered is 17, Akbar Road, New Delhi. Another party is registered at the address of the office of the CID, Jammu and Kashmir. 41 from Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu 30, Maharashtra 24 bogus parties have surfaced. From 2005 to 2015 these 255 parties have not contested any election.

Following the Commission's action on these fake companies, they will not be eligible for any tax exemption any further.

Earlier, the Election Commission on assumption to the misuse of the donation, directed to the  Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) to gather information in this 255 registered but non-recognized political parties and to examine their financial details of the donation over the last decade. CBDT chairman said Thursday in a letter to the EC, that between February and December 15, 255 registered but did not participate in any election were further delisted.

Along with its list, the Election Commission has also sent a letter to the CBDT chief, which stated: “The commission has decided to review the cases of the unregistered unrecognized political parties, which do not set up any candidate at any of the General Elections to the House of the People and/or State Legislative Assemblies held during the period from the year 2005 to 2015 as per the Commission’s record, in order to consider whether they continue to exist and function from the registered office addresses available in the records of the Commission.

On further such verification in the field made by the Chief Electoral Officer of the States/UTs through their official machinery, it has been noted to the Commission that some parties are no longer in functioning or existence.”

The EC of India has so far deleted the names of 255 political parties from the list of registered un-recognised political parties maintained by the Commission under the said Section 29A and and para 17 of the Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order, 1968. This is for your information and necessary action if any, in view of the provisions of Section 29B and 29C of R.P Act, 1951.

Sources had told The Indian Express that the EC hopes that the CBDT will have a “close look” at the financials of these delisted parties so that a clear message can go out that forming a political party for “turning black money into white” is no longer a good idea.

EC data shows there are currently seven National Political Parties, 58 State Parties and 1,786 Registered Unrecognised Parties.

Under existing laws, the EC has the authority to register a political party but there is no provision to allow it to deregister any party that has been given recognition.

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