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EVM tampering: Too bad politics played by Kejriwal, Mayawati

New Delhi, EVM Tampering Kejriwal: Narendra Modi The PM has hit the Opposition to such an extent that right now his rivals seem to be lost in somewhere even they don’t know. It looks like even a collective opposition will not have guts to fight the big Modi. The fake debate over EVMs by Kejriwal, BSP shows them not only as bad losers but also show instead of introspection within they are still playing a politics over the election results.  Kejriwal is doing just like a student who writes all the answers wrong but expect the teacher to give him full marks.

Acceptance of reality is very important especially in politics if you want people to trust you. The Opposition leaders have failed the very first test. Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati and Arvind Kejriwal's reactions since their debilitating electoral reverses betray an unwillingness to face rejection  by the people of the states.

Rahul Gandhi has maintained a deep silence punctured only by a desperate defiance of his and party ever going down fortunes, Mayawati and Kejriwal have taken the route of self-delusion and self destruction in challenging the election commission.

In this self illusory note, both leaders and especially Arvind Kejriwal are leveling allegations that have risked lowering their political influence even further down, perhaps terminally so. For Mayawati there is nothing to prove she can still make a comeback but for kejriwal it will be a Humpty Dumpty fall, which can’t be fixed.

In United States there have seen heated political discourse over fake news. The latest debate over EVMs is same bogus just like the fake news in US. The charges are so baseless that it is difficult to take these seriously or develop a cogent, rational response.

Mayawati claimed that the EVMs in Uttar Pradesh were tampered to ensure that BJP's votes increases regardless of which button was pressed.

Kejriwal in an extraordinary news conference on Wednesday alleged that Punjab polls, too, were rigged.

Kejriwal came further with more wild allegation which meant that either the tampered EVMs behaved differently at different locations of the country

Secondary the tampering was done in such a way so as to ensure Uttar Pradesh goes to BJP and Punjab goes to the Congress. Isn’t it wonderful thought by one to a top leader by Kejriwal.

Kejriwal's logic implies that the BJP wanted to bag UP and it didn't want to retain power in Punjab where it was running the government along with the Akalis.

If for one moment we think that EVMs were indeed manipulate, then why did the BJP failed to ensure wins in Goa and Manipur as well?

When the question about Bihar and Delhi were asked about whether these too results were tempered and of EVM tampering, Kejriwal answered this:

Kejriawl is raising questions against the Election Commission, one of the most trusted and respected electoral institutions in the world. The Election Commission in a letter to Mayawati has already strongly denied any possibility of EVM-tampering.

Read the Full Text on Election Commission reply to Mayawati

Mayawati and Kejriwal have referred to past instances where parties on the losing side have blamed the EVMs when they faced with an electoral defecit. This charges are not new.

Question 1: Can EVMs be at all tampered?

The answer is, yes. EVMs are machines and all machines can be tempered.

Question 2: Were they tampered in this case where Kejriwal lost in Punjab and Goa?

The answer is, no. Kejriwal and Mayawati have no evidence to support their allegation.

The poll panel has said that it has made repeated visit to UP and Uttarakhand and met the representatives of all parties, including your party. No one raised any objection with regard to functioning of EVMs at any of these places."

A maximum number of 3840 votes can be recorded in one machine and a polling station typically has only 1500 registered voters, so it will take highly-motivated and centrally mobilised but constituency co-ordinated, election-riggers to influence the outcome at one constituency… Which looks impossible.

Why these electronic machines have stopped entirely the bane of Indian politics during paper era of  booth capturing and fraud voting.

Why EVM are Important

  1. The EVMs are designed to record a maximum of 5 votes per minute.
  2. This virtually eliminates the kind of booth-capturing prevalent in the days of paper ballots.
  3. Even if some goons manage to take control of a booth, they can do no better than casting 5 votes per minute.
  4. At this rate, they’ll get about 300 votes in an hour.
  5. That is more than enough time for security reinforcements to arrive from elsewhere which further can be alerted immediately by any one in this mobile phone era."

Kejriwal and Mayawati are asking for the return to paper based ballots, a cumbersome past practice from which India have managed to come out and that can be manipulated at almost every level.

It would bring back another common problem of manual flaws during casting of a ballot.

Arvind Kejriwal, The AAP supremo last raised his voice against EVMs. He was given wide media coverage in February 2015 just before Delhi verdict was announced and when it turned out that AAP has won 67 seats, he fell never spoke again. Kejriwal held his deep silence for over 2 until now. People are smart enough to know why.