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Fact about Missing MBBS student and minor boy in Delhi hotel

MBBS Girl student and a Minor boy’s body found in hotel, the Girl is said to be a MBBS student whereas the boy was a 12th standard student.

Detailed Fact check news:

New Delhi: In a hotel in Dwarka, Delhi, there was a stir when a couple’s body was found in a Hotel. The bodies of both of them were hanging by the fan. While the boy was a student of 12th, the girl was a MBBS first year student. The police are investigating it as a case of suicide.

According to the police, the couple had entered the hotel on Thursday at 1 AM in the area of ​​Dwarka Sector-17. Hotel personnel rang the bells of their room for room service, but there was no reply, thinking of the possibility of something wrong after they did not get any response. At 5 pm the hotel manager informed the police.

When the police reached the hotel, when the door opened, the bodies of both of them were hanging from the fan. Police seized both of the ID cards deposited while taking the room in the hotel. The family members of the deceased were informed about this. The investigating officer told that the minor was a resident of Janakpuri and studied in a private school.

The girl came out of her house by talking about going for tuition. The girl has been identified as MBBS student. On Thursday, the relatives had informed the police about her not returning to their homes. At present, the police are investigating it as a case of suicide. Police believe that the love affair was going on between them for a long time.