Foreign tourists visit to India increased in Nov 2016

Taj Mahal, Agra

Since, the news of demonetization was announced by Honourable Prime minister of India, Shri Narendra jee, there had been speculations that foreign tourism might decrease. Initially, there were reports that tourism is on decline, and there were several issues all over India. Starting from Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari. But, the reports tell the different story. After seeing this report we  can say that no effect of Demonetization on Tourists visit to India

There seems to be no effect for demonetization on Tourists coming to India. As per the Press Information Bureau (Government of India), the number of foreign tourists visiting India in November was 8.91 lakhs. Which tells growth of 9.3% as compared to last year.


November 2015 – 8.16 lakh tourists

November 2014 – 7.65 lakh tourists

For Nov 2016, United States (USA) citizens share the highest rate of arrival to India, followed by United Kingdom (UK) and Bangladesh.  From Foreign exchange perspective, 14,474 Crore rupees have come to India through tourism in the month of November 2016.

Country wise share for Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) is as follows:

Sl No

Countrywise Percent Share in FTAs

Airport wise share


USA (15.33 %)

Delhi Airport (32.71%)


UK (11.21 %)

Mumbai Airport (18.51%)


Bangladesh (10.72%)

Chennai Airport (6.83%)


Canada (4.66%)

 Bengaluru Airport (5.89%)


Russia Fed (4.53%)

Haridaspur Land check post (5.87%)


Australia (4.04%)

Goa Airport (5.63%)


Malaysia (3.65%)

Kolkata Airport (3.90%)


Germany (3.53%)

Cochin Airport (3.29%)


China (3.14%)

Hyderabad Airport (3.14%)


France (2.88%)

Ahmadabad Airport (2.76%)


Sri Lanka (2.49%)

Trivandrum Airport (1.54%)


Japan (2.49%)

Trichy Airport (1.53%)


Singapore (2.16%)

Gede Rail (1.16%)


Nepal (1.46%)

Amritsar Airport (1.15%)


Thailand (1.37%)

Ghojadanga land check post (0.82%)



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