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Highlights of the Narendra Modi Moradabad Parivartan Rally in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, Narendra Modi: This is the fourth Parivartan Rally in Moradabad, done by PM Modi's as a campaign for the upcoming election in uttar pradesh. Earlier, the PM had addressed Parivartan Rally in Ghazipur, Agra and Kushinagar.

Thirty points of the todays rally

  1. Today before coming to Moradabad, I was a little apprehensive as I am visiting this place after 2009: PM Modi in Moradabad
  2. I want to thank the people of Moradabad for extending their support to the BJP during the 2014 elections: PM Narendra Modi
  3. If one has to eradicate poverty from the country, it is essential to develop big states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra: PM Modi
  4. I have not fought from Uttar Pradesh only to become a MP but wanted to initiate a fight against poverty from this huge state: PM Modi
  5. The brass industry from Moradabad is known all over the nation: PM Modi
  6. When came to power, I personally asked officials on why despite 70 yrs of independence, many villages are still deprived of electricity?: PM
  7. So many governments made so many announcements so many times; We have devoted our focus towards accountability: PM Modi in Moradabad
  8. Thats when I made an announcement from the Red Fort that villages will b electrified in 1000 days, and we are fulfilling it: PM Modi
  9. You, the people are my high command and no one else: PM Narendra Modi in Moradabad
  10. I came to Moradabad late, but before coming I ensured that your years-long demand for electricity was met: PM Modi
  11. Corruption should be eradicated or should be allowed to prevail, will it go on its own?: PM Modi asks the people of Moradabad (UP)
  12. I am surprised that in my own country a few people are accusing me,is it fault that one's looting country are now being made accountable?-PM
  13. Bhrashtachar apne aap jayega kya? Usko danda leke nikalna padega ki nahi? Agar koi bhrashtachar ke khilaf ladta hai toh gunehgar hai kya?:PM
  14. Jyada se jyada kya kar lenge, arey hum toh fakeer aadmi hai, jhola leke nikal lenge: PM Modi n Moradabad
  15. Shouldn't I fight corruption? Is fighting corruption a crime? Why are some people calling me a wrong doer for fighting corruption: PM Modi
  16. Today the one's who have stashed black money are queuing outside the house of poor people, asking for their help: PM Modi #demonetisation
  17. Kuch log toh jaa ke gareebon ke pair pakadte hain; Kabhi Kisi ameer ko gareeb ke pair chute hue dekhein hain?: PM Modi #DeMonetisation
  18. Dishonest ppl can't go to banks now and so they are queuing up outside homes of poor and trying to mislead them: PM Modi
  19. Want to tell poor ppl in whose account money has been deposited, don't touch that money,if they insist on asking for money,ask for proof-PM
  20. Agar aap woh paise rakhe rakhoge toh main kuch raasta nikal lunga, main dimag khapa raha hoon abhi: PM Narendra Modi
  21. I am finding ways to put behind bars those guilty of stashing their black money into the jandhan accounts of the poor: PM Modi
  22. Aajkal log poora din 'Modi, Modi, Modi' kar rahein hai, pehle bolte the ‘Money, Money, money': PM Modi
  23. This country is against corruption but it had become helpless but today they feel that they have fight this menace: PM Modi
  24. I assure you people that I won't let your hard work, your sacrifice, your struggle go in vein: PM Modi to common man #demonetisation
  25. These people in white T shirts are helping people understand digital transactions, now your bank is in your mobile: PM Modi in Moradabad
  26. Is desh mei 40 crore smartphones hai, kum se kum 40 crore log toh notes ke chakkar se nikal jayein; corruption khatm ho jayegi: PM Modi
  27. Mera desh, 21st century mei, Digital India banne ke liye taiyar baitha hai: PM Modi

   28. I am fighting this war for you, what will those accusing me do? I am a fakir; will exit with my little belongings, says PM Modi in Moradabad

   29. Beimani ke saare raastey bandh karne ke liye madad chahiye; Notes chaapke hum beimaano ki madad nahi karna chahta hun: PM Modi
   30. Mai kisaano ko salaam karta hun ki takleef ke baad bhi buvai (sowing) mei kami nahi aane di; Pichle saal se buvai badhi hai: PM Modi