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I’m a responsible nuclear power and I’ll not use it irresponsibly

New Delhi:  Why should I bind myself? I should say I am a responsible nuclear power and I will not use it irresponsibly. This is my (personal) thinking," Parrikar said replying to a question as he explained the need to be unpredictable in warfare strategy.

Holding that India needs to be unpredictable in its warfare strategy while speaking at a book launch function.

Manohar Parrikar on Thursday said that the move of demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes may impact polls adding that a lot of politicians are already worried.

Talking about the scrapping of higher currency, while briefing the media on Thursday, Manohar Parrikar explained the need to be unpredictable as the part of the strategy. "But we have to have a written book so that in general, we follow that direction," he said.

Further taking a dig at the media, Parrikar said they will publish that the nuclear policy has changed, referring to nuclear weapons test in 1998 when India had declared a 'no first use' nuclear policy.

“It has not changed in government. It is my concept. As an individual I also get the feeling. I am not saying you have to use it first. Hoax can be called off,” he said.

“Necessarily if there is any question or danger to the country, I will not open the book first. People say India has not first used nuclear concept. I should say that I’m a responsible nuclear power and I’ll not use it irresponsibly," he said. However, BJP has distanced itself from Parrikar's statement calling it his personal opinion.

Parrikar said, "I wonder why we say that we don't use nuclear weapons first. It doesn't mean that India has to use nukes, but why rule out."