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If Modi fails to implement demonetisation, the entire nation will fall

New Delhi, Narendra Modi:  It is no doubt most of the Indians think alike and almost all have the same feeling that the central government scheme of demonetisation is a good scheme. It was a good scheme against black money, against people who have not paid their taxes over years and a good way to clean up the fake currency notes and terrorism.

Feel good is nice, but what if Modi fails in this demonetisation scheme, and he fails and doesn’t comes back to power in the coming election,  will it not be failure for Narendra Modi, for the common man, who has dreamed of pure society, where no money  is given behind the back doors to make their work done.

Modi’s thought is good, but if demonetisation scheme is not implemented in time, and then it is of no use.

Failures to learn from

Compulsory sterilization program

In September 1976, Sanjay Gandhi initiated a widespread compulsory sterilization program to limit population growth. The exact extent of Sanjay Gandhi's role in the implementation of the program is somewhat disputed, with some writers holding Gandhi directly responsible for his authoritarianism, and other writers blaming the officials who implemented the program rather than Gandhi himself. This had led to the fall of the current Indira Gandhi government at that time.

Golden Quadrilateral

The Golden Quadrilateral is a highway network connecting many of the major industrial, agricultural and cultural centres of India. A quadrilateral of sorts is formed by connecting Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai, and hence its name. Other metropolises also connected by the network   are Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Kanpur, Pune, Surat, Nellore and Guntur. This scheme of connecting was good but the villages, who are the heart of India did not get connect from this scheme. The BJP could not utilize this signing India feel and lost later in the general election, it could not connect itself to the villages.

The present population is not like the people living in America or Kerala of India, where most of the people are educated, they still don’t know how to use the Debit card then forget about the other means of transactions like Paytm, freecharge and other e-wallets. Sometimes this people will be standing in the ATM’s just to get help from someone to withdraw his money. Many mothers have never been to ATM machines of banks to withdraw their money. They only know cash.

 “If BJP looses it is loss for entire nation”

Market in the small town has almost totally stopped, purchase by people has stopped and they are buying only those items which are highly important. People have stopped going outside for lunch and dinner just to stop using money. Shopkeepers have no idea now what to do as there are no customers and even they have to pay their bills.

One serious note, If some person  has just Rs 500 note in his account, how can he withdraw the money, now most of the banks still have no currency or by the time one reaches to the counter the money is over.  For the last 20 days living in Bangalore I have not seen Rs 500 currency notes said one of the employee working in OT company, then think how can a person leaving in village will use the Rs 2000 note.

“Bank has no currency, nor does ATM, then the question remains where is the bank cash going?”

BJP has lot of work to do, to prove it is correct and has to pass the Exams in the coming 5 states. Next year there are elections going to happen in the 5 states of India and if the BJP loses in these states it will be a huge loss for the BJP and its demonetisation scheme. BJP has to cover the 5 states and has to win this upcoming election; else it will create a negative impact for NAMO.

Banks have lot of pressure

March end is near and banks have to do a lot of closing activity formalities which bank carry every year end and hence the bank employees are under pressure. More than 500 bank employees are under IT radar, will act further pressure on the bank and the employees, The bank employees are the real implementer of this scheme and if there moral is down and they do not work as required, there is more chances the scheme is going to fall and hence Modi and Million of Indian who hope from him will fall as well.

BJP Lessons

If there is money in bank, ATM etc and then you implement cashless, If already there no cash, How can you force someone to do cashless transaction.

The BJP government must have first trained the common people, especially the ones living in the villages, taught them how to use more of the ATM’s and Smartphone before the implementation of this scheme, instead it just implemented a scheme and is forced the people to use this scheme and people have no choice.

There should have been money at the Banks and ATM; s etc before the implementation of this scheme.

“Millions of Indian’s will fall if modi falls”.

One villager said still we have not seen the 500 notes and the government is planning to bring plastic Money .

People are not understanding in town then how will people understand it in villages.