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In exams if you get 34% you are fail, President Election Result

New Delhi: In the Presidential election, The NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind has won and he will be the 14th President of the India. He got 66 percent of the votes. The candidate of the opposition Congress party Meira Kumar who got only 34 percent votes. In a normal exam, getting this percent is considered as fail in the exam. So literally BJP won and Congress lost again.

On the victory of Ramnath Kovind, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has congratulated him. In the presidential election, Ramnath Kovind's vote value was 702044 and opposition candidate Meira Kumar got 367314 votes.

Let us know How many votes received in 11 states
Bihar: Kovind-22490, Meira Kumar-18867
Chhattisgarh: Covind - 6708, Meira Kumar - 4515
Jharkhand: Kovind- 8976, Mira-4576
Andhra Pradesh: Ramnath Kovind - 27189, Meira Kumar - 0
Arunachal Pradesh: Kovind - 448, Meira Kumar-24
Assam: Covind - 10556, Meira Kumar - 4060
Goa: Kovind - 500, Meira - 220
Gujarat: Covind - 19404, Meira - 7203
Haryana: Kovind- 8176, Mira-1792
Himachal Pradesh: Covind - 1530, Meira - 1887
Jammu and Kashmir: Covind - 4032, Meira – 2160

Ramnath Kovind has got support of 522 MPs, Meira Kumar has 225 and 21 MPs have been canceled. Responding to the findings, UPA candidate Meira Kumar said, "I am not worried, why I should be disturbed?" I am a fighter, I have contested on the faith of my countrymen and women. Significantly, the candidature of the National Democratic Alliance coalition candidate Ramnath Kovind and the opposition candidate Meira Kumar were in direct fight.

Celebration atmosphere at Kovind's house

After winning the Presidential election NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind's, celebration at hi ancestral village from Parochak, Dayanand Vihar of Kanpur Nagar has begun. Firecrackers are being blown in the village and the city. A second round of dessert feeding has begun. Dhol nagadas are playing in the native village Parakh. The administrative staff was already active before the presidential election results.