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ISIS Khorasan module terrorist Dead, Lucknow Thakurganj operation

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Mar: Initially the security forces tried to capture alive the alone terrorist, which led to more than 10 hours of encounter and finally the Security forces in the Thakurganj operation gunned down the terrorists.

Earlier the said terrorist refused to surrender to the police and the operation at the Haji colony is underway. Which led to the final encounter in the early morning of Wednesday gunning down od the terrorist.

As per the information gathered the terrorist was linked to the explosion on a train in Madhya Pradesh.

On Tuesday it was said that there were two terrorists, who had hiding in a house and were not willing to surrender. Latter it was confirmed that it was indeed only one man inside the house.

How the operation unfolded:

  1. Security forces got the intelligence from a sister agency that a person named Saifullah affiliated to ISIS is hiding in a residential area in Lucknow.
  2. Entire area cordoned off and launched an operation to ensure that he was caught alive.
  3. The light of the entire area was cut and night vision cameras were used even to capture the terrorist alive however nothing worked out
  4. Security forces took the aid of chilly bombs and tear gas shells to smoke him out but to no avail.
  5. Then security forces stormed in after giving a warning and he opened fire on ATS commandos and we returned the fire. Later his dead body was found," he said.
  6. After opening the door of the building the terrorists had holed up in, the forces had gone inside and found one person dead.
  7. The suspect was found dead inside the house with weapons.
  8. During the operation it was felt at one point of time that there was more than one person, but it is confirmed that there was only one man.
  9. The operation stands closed and now the rest of the legal formalities will take place.

Uttar Pradesh Anti Terror Squad (ATS) Inspector General Aseem Arun said that the neutralised terrorist was a member of the ISIS Khorasan module.

The Inspector General (IG) said further that a bag was found strapped to his back which is most likely to be full of explosives

Bomb disposal squad was called to clear the house first and then the investigation will proceed.

The IG said a lot of restraint was used during the operation to captre alive the terrorist.

No civilians or any security personnel were injured during the 10 hours operation which ended successfully.

Till now a pistol, revolver, ammunition and a knife was recovered from the body of the person.

Indo Nepal border ….

Security has been tightened on the Indo-Nepal boarder of Pilibhit area in the after this encounter with the terrorist and vehicles coming towards Lucknow from other areas are being thoroughly checked by the state Police.

The police are also checking the personal belongings of people travelling in buses from Nepal to India.