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It is mandatory to link IRCTC account with Aadhaar, know when?

New Delhi: The government is making all out efforts to make the Aadhaar card linked from SIM card to bank account. Now the Aadhaar has become necessary to book online rail tickets as well. IRCTC, the website to book online rail tickets, told that if you want to book more than 6 tickets in a month, then you have to link the Aadhaar card with your IRCTC account. That is, if your IRCTC account is not linked to Aadhaar card, then you will not be able to book more than 6 tickets a month.

IRCTC tweeted that it is important to link to Aadhaar card for booking more than 6 tickets a month. Let us tell you that even if your Aadhaar number is linked with the IRCTC, you cannot book more than 12 tickets a month.

How to link Aadhar card with IRCTC account Link-

1) Open the IRCTC ticket booking website (https://www.irctc.co.in)
2) After entering your login id and password, click on 'My Profile'
3) After going into the profile section, after clicking on the Aadhaar KYC, a new page will open.
4) Enter your 12 digit base number and click on 'Send OTP'

5) You will come to OTP at the registered number on your base.

6) Put that OTP in the OTP place on the website. Now your IRCTC account has been verified from the base.

7) In a while, you will get the message that your KYC details have been successfully updated.