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India, Karnataka: Yesterday the long ongoing political tussle for Karnataka Assembly elections was over with the voters locking the fate of the political parties. The Karnataka elections was in a single phase over on 12 May, 2018. Before the start just a few week back it was easy to say that the Congress was having edge over the BJP and there was a deadly, neck to neck fight to be seen between both the main political parties Congress and BJP, just before the LokSabha Elections 2019.Both this parties left no chance to attack each other and left no stone unturned to get the victory. In whose favour the state has voted for, finally will be known on the 15th May when the countings are over but as per predictions of most of the exit polls BJP will emerge as the single largest party reducing the Congress to double digits, is what is running on all the media channels.

Just a few weeks back, all political pundits and media channels were in favour of Congress and singing songs on their tunes. However as Prime Minister Narendra Modi entered the battleground of Karnataka elections, the entie scenario changed in Karnataka elections

Earliar there was a chance of the Congress of making the next chief minister ship, however after the Modi led campaigning the table has turned on the BJP’s end, now it is most likely that the BJP is going to make the next government in Karnataka.

Initially, Prime Minister Modi was supposed to address only 15 rallies/ public meetings in Karnataka but he went on to increase this number to around 21. During his rallies he touched every part of Congress and touched every issue, like issue of farmers’ distress, development, employment, appeasement of a section of the society to how the so called Gandhi dynasty has been playing with the lives of common man since years.

Modi began on Tuesday the second round of his campaign in the Karnataka state, addressing three rallies in Chamrajanagar, Udupi and Belagavi. He returned to Karnataka on Thursday to address three more public meetings in Gulbarga, Ballari and Bengaluru. In the first round, he address about half a dozen rallies before poll dates were announced on March 27. His rallies were increased as he got more positive response to the public meeting said a BJP leader.

The crowd that PM Modi’s rallies attracted, Literally lakhs of people chanted of “Modi, Modi” wringing through the air.

PM Modi blitzkrieg was unleashing itself and on the other hand Amit Shah kept the workers motivated and remained connected with them all the time, B.S. Yeddyurappa continuous support toward North Karnataka Lingayat belt and having meeting that attracted huge crowd especially the youth, have snatched the advantage the Congress had achieved. Congress was never visible at all these times when Modi and his team were making thier moves and creating their space in the hearts of people.

BJP’s move has blown all the moves of Congress, as the congress never expected that PM Modi would be a influential factor in the Karnataka election’s. This has already costed them dearly and the election results is going to show all this.

Congress should have shown more aggression and should have involved other national leaders of the party to challenge BJP but failed to do so. Congress failed to rise to the changed reality and to understand how people like modi. BJP President Amit Shah and PM Modi kept on scoring runs while the Congress Chief minister and Rahul Gandhi appeared to be overconfident that they have scored enough runs to win Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018.

BJP general secretary P Muralidhar Rao said in an interview on Monday that any comparison between the number of rallies Modi addresses in Karnataka and bigger states like Uttar Pradesh.. Karnataka has a 224-member legislative assembly and the 21 rallies Modi may end up addressing in the state are fewer than the 34 he spoke at in Gujarat, which has a 182-member assembly.

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